Over the past 11 years, whenever I shared parts of my story with others, I was surprised by their enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder, as if I'd just said something they'd never thought of before. Eventually, I realised God has given me a testimony and not just for my own benefit but for yours.


I became a Christian at four years old, sitting on my Mum and Dad's bed and never looked back. But even so, I still needed saving. I grew up desperate for a boyfriend, desperate for love and a strong desire to be accepted and embraced. I came across as desperate, needy and flirty and scared away the exact kind of young men I was trying to attract. The one thing I thought I needed, even more than God, was a boyfriend, a husband, a lover, but it was the one thing I couldn't manipulate into being. 

So God saved me. This book contains the revelations God showed me through his Word that helped me understand His purposes for marriage - both the obvious and the challenging - and helped me get a better perspective of life, love, identity, marriage and my relationship with my Creator. As I've shared snippets of my story with friends or coworkers, they have always asked me for more. I've been surprised to discover the lessons God taught me are not just for my own personal benefit, but they also help others. I truly hope they will help you. 


Joanne is currently involved with the creation and promotion of an app called God for Kids, is writing her first children's book, mentors young women at The Oakes Holiday Centre and is an active member of the local Baptist church and Mum to three beautiful, smart, incredible girls.

But before that...

After a gap year with BMS World Mission and a degree in Public Relations from Bournemouth University, Joanne spent most of her twenties working in New Zealand for Marine Reach - Youth With a Mission and the local Elim church, where her husband served as Children's Pastor. During those years, she trained teams of young people from schools and churches for short-term mission outreaches, led an after-school club for pre-teen girls, ran multiple Alpha courses and set up a Christmas Box ministry for the local community.